Grounds Flower and Decoration Regulations

Please be aware these rules and regulations for planting and memorialization are in place to help maintain the appearance of the park, for the safety of our workers, and for yourself.

ATTENTION: Please be informed that due to SAFETY CONCERNS and the fact that we cannot effectively cut and maintain the grass around your monument, we ask that you immediately remove all decorations, stones, pebbles and border surrounds. Serious safety violations will be addressed immediately and we will be forced to remove all unauthorized decorations, as ordered by our insurance carrier. Thank you for your understanding.


Spring/Summer/Fall (March 1st – Mid October)

Flowers in Bronze Vases: You are encouraged to decorate your loved one’s grave during these months by utilizing a cemetery approved vase or the bronze vase cast in your marker.  The overall appearance of the cemetery is beautified by the lot owners decorating. Live flowers will stay until they start to wilt.  Artificial flowers, in approved cemetery ground and/or marker vases will be left until they show signs of fading.

During some holidays, we temporarily relax our rules and allow flowers and allow decorations (such as potted plants) to be placed which are outside our normal regulations.  These holidays include:

  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day

However, seven (7) days after the holiday, we will be going through the park and removing any decorations that do not meet our standard Grounds Flower and Decoration Regulations. If you place a potted plant for the holidays or floral decoration that is of value to you, please come and get it within the time limits specified (end of the week placed.)


Fall/Winter (Mid October – March 1st)

After the grass cutting season has ended and the leaves have started falling in the Fall, Winter Wreaths with stands, Grave Blankets, Pillows, and other winter decorations can be placed, and will remain until March 1st, when our grounds personnel will remove all winter decorations. Any unauthorized decorations will be removed as we make our way through The Park and bronze vases will be turned down for safe storage during the winter months.

Flowers in Bronze Vases:  You can not use cemetery approved ground and/or marker vases during the winter months as they may freeze and burst, necessitating their replacement in the Spring.

Mausoleum Flower & Decoration Regulations

Fall Clean-up will begin Mid October, this means any unauthorized decorations will be removed immediately along with Spring and Summer Decorations.


Permanent Decorations (30 days or longer)

All permanent decorations, including artificial flowers, must be kept in cemetery installed crypt or niche front vases and may not intrude on neighboring crypt or niche fronts.

Only cemetery supplied or pre-approved emblems or pictures may be permanently placed or attached to crypt or niche fronts by qualified cemetery personnel. Any other decorations, attached in any way to the crypt or niche fronts, will be removed.  These attachments detract from the overall appearance of the mausoleum and in some cases, can be damaging to the crypt or niche fronts.

Any decorations placed on the floor will be immediately removed by the cemetery.  Flowers from a service will be left until they begin to fade or wilt, but not for more than fifteen (15) days after the service.


Temporary Decorations (Less than 30 days)

Any decorations placed on cemetery supplied tables or stands will be considered as “temporary decorations”. Any temporary decorations left on tables or stands for 30 days or more, will be removed by the cemetery.

Personal tables, stands or other devices will not be allowed and will be removed by the cemetery.

Please do not bring decorations that require electrical power.  The outlets are not for public use.

Preserving Flowers and Memorialization

On the Grounds

Only approved cemetery vases which are set in the ground and turned over, out of the way when not in use may be used.  The office has them available and can install them permanently for you.  Fresh and artificial flowers will be left onsite unless they are starting to wilt; becoming unsightly; faded; or if they are impeding on neighboring lots and graves.

We allow an 8-inch planting bed along the base of the monument; flowers must be “planted in” and not simply placed onto the planting bed area.  You must keep the flower bed in good condition – watered and free of weeds.  If your flower bed becomes unsightly (weeds etc.) the cemetery personnel are instructed to remove the bed immediately.  If you want to place mulch, it must be soft wood chips or small bark (no stone or rock of any kind) and may not be placed around individual markers.

No fencing of any kind (wood, plastic, concrete, metal, etc.) is to be placed around the monument or marker.  No wood, metal or plastic objects (crosses, statutes, etc.) nor concrete, iron, or plastic vases, etc. are permitted. Nothing may be attached with wires or zip ties to your marker or monument.  They are unsightly and cause maintenance problems.  They will be removed as we mow through the section.

Solar lights, inflatable toys, balloons, shepherd hooks, garden tablets, pictures, plastic objects, windmills, animals, metal stands, boxes, homemade objects of any kind, decorative pots and temporary vases, glass containers, and candles of any kind are not permitted and will be removed as we mow through the section.  They are offensive to others whose lots may be located in the same area.  In consideration of others, we ask that you please limit your decorations to one per gravesite.


In Mausoleums

Flowers and/or decorations must be placed in cemetery installed crypt or niche vases only and may not impede on neighboring crypts or niches.  Fresh and artificial flowers will be removed by cemetery personnel if they are starting to wilt, becoming unsightly or faded.

Only cemetery approved emblems purchased from the cemetery may be affixed to crypt or niche fronts by cemetery personnel.  Any non-regulation emblem or picture attached to a crypt or niche front may cause permanent damage to the front and will be removed by cemetery personnel.

Anything placed on the floor or ground near indoor or outdoor crypts or niches will be immediately removed by cemetery personnel.  These items cause a tripping hazard (canes, walkers, etc.) are unsightly, cause maintenance problems, and are offensive to others whose crypt or niche may be located in the same area.


Miscellaneous Information

If you own a monument space only cemetery approved monuments are permitted.