911 First Responders Memorial

Another unique section of the cemetery is designed specifically for our first responders.  Police, Fire, EMS and Emergency Room Doctors and Nurses are crucial to our everyday safety and deserve special recognition for their service.

The cornerstone of the section is a surviving beam from the wreckage of the World Trade Center that serves as a symbol and reminder of a first responders commitment and sacrifice that day and every day. The 13,000 pound section of beam and structural steel arrived in Northwest Ohio in the spring of 2016.  Welded onto the end of the beam is a jib off of a 1940’s era Bucyrus Erie Crane which signifies a fire truck ladder.  At the end of the jib a weighted cable holds an American Flag that was flown over the United States Capitol. 

911 memorial.jpg

It is fastened to an octagonal 70 yard reinforced concrete base which stands 9 1/2 feet tall, designed in the shape of a bolt, symbolizing the American sprit which rebuilt Ground Zero.  The beam points 1 degree south from due east directly at the World Trade Center.  The 911 First Responders Last Call Memorial is an everlasting gift from The Park in honor of all First Responders everywhere. The monument’s name itself is taken from the “Last Call” ritual, which is observed during the service of a fallen police officer or firefighter.

The memorial was dedicated on September 10th, 2016, it arrived via motorcade to its final resting place of honor in the First Responders Section at Toledo Memorial Park.  The beam was escorted by The city of Sylvania Police and Fire, Sylvania Township Police and Fire and The Toledo Police and Fire Personnel from Monroe St. in downtown Toledo to it’s home here in Sylvania, OH.

In 2017 the final piece of the memorial was poured, molded, polished and rang signifying the most touching tribute done at firefighter funerals. This one of a kind bell was made on site by The Verdin Bell Company with the world’s only bell foundry on wheels. 500 pounds of metal consisting of 12 bronze ingots weighing 40 pounds each were melted into molten liquid in just 3 hours. Once the furnace reached 2,200 degrees the molten bronze was poured into the custom bell mold where it cooled and hardened overnight. The custom-made mold was contained in a box called a flask. The flask is made of steel and weighs more than 500 lbs. The mold was then released using a large bronze sledge hammer which exposed the cast bronze bell. The bell was then polished for over 4 hours to ensure no detail was lost. Each bell weighs 250 lbs, stands about 2 feet tall and rings in the musical note of “E”. This whole process was accomplished in just 2 days and allowed the community an up-close personal experience in the passing of the ingots and breaking of the mold.

The inaugural ringing of the bell took place on September 11th, 2017 by The Sylvania Fire Department during The City of Sylvania’s September 11th , Ceremony.

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Burial Details

Cremation Niches

The base of the memorial has 185 niches allowing first responders and spouses and/or significant others to become a part of this magnificent memorial.

  • Cremation Niches provide room for one or two

  • Save $400 on Cremation when purchasing with Niche(s)

  • Personalized Urn(s)

  • Granite Front Personalization Included

Niche Bank CLEGG.jpg

Double Name on Niche     Single Name on Niche

Ground Burial

1,046 graves encompass the memorial providing first responders and immediate family members traditional and cremation burial options with personalized marker(s) and/or monument choices.

  • Cremation Burial

  • Traditional Burial

  • Save $400 on Cremation when purchasing with Grave(s)

  • Personalized Urn(s), Casket(s), Vault(s), Urn Vault(s)

  • Save 40% on Personalized Marker and/or Monument

  • Family and Single lots Available

Package Savings Details: – Save in excess of over $2,000 on

Grave(s)    Casket(s)   Vault(s)    Service Fees(s)    Marker(s) and/or Monument   Cremation Services

Toledo Memorial Park Ground's Crew - day of dedication September 10th, 2016

Toledo Memorial Park Ground's Crew - day of dedication September 10th, 2016

A very special thanks to the valued staff of Toledo Memorial Park for their long hours of hard work and dedication to making this memorial a reality
- Jeff Clegg President/CEO Toledo Memorial Park