Casket Options for Your Loved One

Create your own personalized casket at affordable prices. Our selection of caskets offer a variety of styles at a value you can appreciate.  Choose from metal and wood designs that can be personalized with options for colors, fabrics, stitching, decals and more. We know your desire to provide the highest quality and personal touches your loved one deserves, as well as your concern for the costs of traditional funeral services and accessories.  Toledo Memorial Park is pleased to offer a wide selection of caskets at affordable costs to help you find the best combination of style and savings.

Casket Styles and Colors

Choose from more than 60 metal or wood styles, including 16 paint colors in solid finishes or with shaded effect.

Stitching Styles and Cap Panels

Select from nearly 40 options for interior panels, from simple to intricately detailed tufted panels. Create your own custom design, or choose from more than 100 insignias and graphics available to help memorialize military service, religious affiliations, hobbies and personal interests.



Add finely crafted corners and handles for a personal, elegant touch.