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Across from the Kroger at the corner of Harroun Rd. and Monroe St.
Toledo Memorial Park is NOT affiliated with Toledo Monumental

Easter Decorations will be removed 7 days AFTER the holiday, if you want anything you have placed on the grounds or in the mausoleums please have it removed before this date as everything will be discarded.

This week we had new seasonal workers start with us, unfortunately communication was not clear and 9 of our sections were completely cleaned of ALL decorations no matter if they were contained in a cemetery approved vase or not. These sections include 19, 22,23,27,28,29,31,32,33, if your loved one is in one of these sections we deeply apologize for the insensitivity.

Flowers in Bronze Vases:  You can not use cemetery approved ground and/or marker vases during the winter months as they may freeze and burst, necessitating their replacement in the Spring.

Our Vision

To provide an affordable, well maintained final place of rest, regardless of your burial choice, where family, friends and the community can be at peace with their loved ones and their thoughts.

First Responders Burial Options

This unique section of the cemetery is designed specifically for our Police and Fire Personnel.  The new section features an actual beam from one of the towers of the World Trade Center.

Veterans' Burial Options

Veterans’ amenities offer special locations near our Veterans’ Memorial Tower for ground burial, as well as cremation niches at the base of the Tower.

Traditional Burial Options

Traditional Burial includes options for one of several mausoleums or ground burial in a traditional grave or family/private estate.

Cremation Burial Options

Cremation Burial provides nine options, including various lakes, mausoleums, a nature walk and ground burial.

911 Community Bell Casting Ceremony

Live Band Saturday and Sunday
The Sweet Tea Band

  • Saturday September 9th from 1pm-5pm Pouring of Bell
  • Sunday September 10th from 11am-5pm Breaking from Mold and Polishing of Bell
  • Monday September 11th @ 9am Dedication Ceremony Inaugural Ringing of Bell

Reflections Garden Pet Cemetery

6 1/2 acres of beautiful trees and meadows serve as a location and backdrop for your pet’s final resting place. We offer affordable cremation burial options available for pets of all sizes and shapes.

About the Park

Established in 1922, Toledo Memorial Park is the area’s finest cemetery, with 380 beautiful acres designed to celebrate the living beauty of nature.