Things to Consider FAQ

We are Here for You

Toledo Memorial Park will help you make decisions on interment options, selection of memorials, monuments, grave markers, burial vaults, caskets, crypts or mausoleum options, as well as provide assistance with finding a local funeral home. Given our experience, history and attention to detail with every aspect of cemetery planning, we can assist you with decisions that make sense for you and your family as you consider each of the aspects associated with determining a final resting place.


Pre-planning allows you to ensure that your wishes are met without putting loved ones through the financial and emotional burden of having to make your final arrangements.  Your loved ones will know exactly what you want, saving time, confusion and grief in the planning process.  Plus, you can save money by purchasing at today’s prices, as well as taking advantage of options that allow you to pay over time.  Our family service advisors will help assist you with nearly every decision you need to make in the pre-planning process.

  • Easier on loved ones
  • Eliminates emotional decisions that often lead to overspending
  • Provides peace of mind that YOUR wishes are carried out
  • Affordable payment options
    • In-House Financing
    • Up to 60 Months
    • No Credit Checks
    • No Interest or Finance Charge
    • Easy Automatic Payments with Checking Account
    • Convenient Monthly Payment Schedules

Important Decisions to Make at the Cemetery

Please consider the selection and purchase of:

  • Cemetery Lot (Family, Estate, Single, etc.)
  • Burial Vault
  • Casket
  • Memorial (Monument, Marker, etc.)
  • Cemetery Service Fees

Traditional Burial or Cremation?

Now that we have you contemplating the best way to honor your loved ones life, your next important decision is whether to have a traditional burial or cremation burial.  If you are unsure of which service to decide on, we are here to help you make a decision that makes sense to you and your family.  Our job is to take some of the burden off your shoulders for planning a committal service.

If you decide on having your loved one cremated, you will need to make a decision if the remains will be placed in a:

  • Traditional Grave
  • Community or Private Mausoleum
  • Cremation Monument or Marker
  • Cremation Pedestal
  • Cremation Rock

Now that we covered the first few steps, consider what is appropriate for you and your family.

Why Purchase a Cemetery Lot?

It is very important to create a comfortable, unique and permanent place for those left behind because your family will return to the grave site, or memorial long after the funeral.  Having a special place to come and grieve helps everyone heal and move forward.  A recent study found that people do not have enough time to deal with their emotions after a loved one dies.  Today’s careers coupled with busy social activities often hinder the grieving process, not to mention the financial concerns the family faces.  Pre-planning starts the difficult conversation when you’re ready, waiting means making decisions with a heavy heart that can often leave you feeling rushed, careless, irrational and financially burdened.

Having a comfortable and permanent place such as a cemetery, mausoleum, or cremation garden is an important part of the time following death.  It’s also a starting place for family genealogist who want to trace their loved ones lineage and history.   Its a place to share moments of today with memories of the past. How will you remember your loved one?  We can help you find the answer.