Rules & Regulations

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Pet Cemetery Rules & Regulations

  1. Reflections Garden accepts PET CREMAINS ONLY!
  2. Scattering is PROHIBITED at Reflections Garden.
  3. Only artificial or fresh cut flowers will be authorized and must be contained in vase supplied from Reflections Garden.
  4. All unauthorized decorations will be removed without notice.
  5. Reflections Garden is NOT responsible for lost or stolen property.
  6. A small planting area will be allowed around Monuments; BUSHES, SHRUBS or TREES are PROHIBITED.
  7. The following landscape treatments are PROHIBITED at Reflections Garden.  They include but are not limited to: stone, mulch, fencing, landscape blocks or timbers around any Monument or Marker.
  8. All pets MUST be on a leash and you must clean up after your pet.
  9. NO Pre-Need Markers will be placed.
  10. Marker placement will be determined by Reflections Garden Employees Only.
  11. All Markers, Monuments, Vaults and Vases must be Purchased from Reflections Garden.