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Toledo Memorial Park is pleased to provide area families with a final resting place for their cherished pets at its new Reflections Garden at Toledo Memorial Park. Now, you and your faithful companions can find peace in the quiet beauty of the Park in an exclusive section designed especially for pets. With a variety of cremation burial options available, including monuments, markers, urns and services, you can show them the same love and care in their passing as you provided throughout their lifetime.

The many picturesque views throughout the Park make for serene visits, as you and your pet stroll around the various lakes, ponds and wooded areas here at Toledo Memorial Park.

All Pets, Large and Small (Household)

Pets of all shapes, sizes and species can find their way into your hearts, and we can help you honor the life and memory of your unique and special family members.  From cats and dogs to more exotic or larger pets, Reflections Garden is a comforting, peaceful environment for all to come and remember the animals that have had a special place in our lives.


Cremation Burial Vault


Monuments and Markers

The following can all be personalized in a variety of ways or designed completely customized

Granite Monuments

Granite Markers

Bronze Markers


Granite Pet Marker

Eternal Investment

Your Cremation Burial Options Include the Following and Start as low as $25/mo


Personalized Marker

Flower Vase

Burial Vault

The Burial

Perpetual Care

One of the many advantages of purchasing from Toledo Memorial Park is our perpetual care fund.  This is for the ongoing everlasting upkeep and maintenance of the park for generations to come.


Celebrating the Beauty of Life

The emotional bond that we form with our animals often mirrors the intensity of a human relationship.  Our beloved pets quickly become such a significant part of our lives; a source of fun, compassion, and unconditional love.  When the unfortunate time comes for your much loved pet to pass, it truly leaves a profound void and genuine heartache for the whole family.  In this time of need please turn to one of our compassionate and understanding family advisors.  They can help you find comfort in knowing that you have given one last show of love and appreciation.


Memorial Service

Girl Cat
Couple Dog
Girl Rabbit

Reflections Garden Quick Facts


  • A Range of Packages starting as low as $25.00/mo
  • 6 1/2 acres of Beautiful Trees and Meadows serve as a Location and Backdrop for Your Pets’ Final Resting Place
  • Cremation Burial for Pets of all Sizes and Types
  • Granite Monuments and Bronze or Granite Markers can be Personalized in a variety of ways or Designed Completely Custom
  • Private Monument & Marker Lots for up to 6 Pets
  • Affordable Flat Marker Lots